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Different Drummer Welcomes July in Wickford Village!

The 55th Annual Wickford Art Festival

2017 marks the 55th Annual Wickford Art Festival!

On July 8 and 9th, once again artists, art buyers, art browsers, art admirers, families and Dels Lemonade trucks will line the streets of Wickford. We look forward to this event every year. There is a sense of newness and excitement when the artists set up their tents on Friday night. If you have never witnessed this happening, you should try to make it down just to observe the transformation. There is limited parking starting at 5, but the municipal lot is still open. Different Drummer and many other shops are open until 8pm and its just a fun and different way to enjoy the Village this weekend.

art festival poster

Over the years we have become friends with so many of the artists. Marcia Wilson, Joel Beckwith, James Carter, Larry Preston, Tracy Hambly, Laura Bundesen, and Jillian Barber to name a few. Meeting artists and talking with them about their work is meaningful, informative and INTERESTING! Supporting these artists as they travel from show to show throughout the country this summer insures that that will come back for yet another year.

We love to share photos of customers with the artwork they purchased at the show. If you want to show it off, stop by and we'll take your picture with your purchase!

For many, this is the only time of year that they make it into the village. It is always special to see these folks walk through our door for another Art Festival.


Starting last month we featured an artist in our emails to help you get to know our artisan vendors. We had no idea how much fun it would be collecting the answers to these questions. This month we decided to ask a local favorite, Lynne Fortin. Lovely Glassworks has graced the windows and ceiling of Different Drummer for over 20 years. This Wakefield resident spends a lot of her time combing the local beaches for sea glass to use in her pieces. She has been featured in Yankee Magazine and works tirelessly over the summer months attending craft shows and farmers' markets. She is a perennial favorite and we look forward to her visit each time she crosses our threshold. Lynne has a tent set up during the festival on Main Street-well worth stopping in and saying hello.

Meet the Artist

Lynne Fortin

What is your background in your field?

My professional career began in the retail fashion business. I didn't have much spare time yet I had always loved stained glass so took a a few classes and became obsessed with the craft. Not a day went by that I didnt find some time for glass. That was 1984! I still worked in the REAL world til 1989 when a star was first child! I've worked in my home studio ever since. I still love it!

What is the favorite part of your work?

I like all of my process because it IS a process. Lots of steps to completing a finished piece. Design, pattern making, cutting the glass, refining each piece, applying copper foil, solder, frame, patina, clean it up! Lots of avenues to chose each day! Lots of work stations all over my home. A stranger would guess that a lot of folks work's just me!

Alive or dead, who is someone who inspires you creatively?

I am inspired by this colorful world we live in! I love to be at our rocky shore, in our chilly ocean or, just nearby. Seaglassing is my passion and much of my work is inspired from my finds! I love old stuff a lot too. Old bottles, old windows, driftwood, old rusty's all good for rehabilitation and crazy art!

What superpower would you want and why?

The one that can make your dog live forever and getting them to talk to you! My Salty Dog is my near constant companion and he seems to like my work!


Friday July 14, Wickford will be

hosting another Harbor Lights. This is a family friendly, free event. Pack a picnic dinner and enjoy a summer night on beautiful Wickford harbor. Music will be performed in Updike Park throughout the event. Different Drummer will be open until 9pm!


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