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May Day! May Day!

Hello Different Drummer friends and family!

We want to wish you a peaceful day as we know high anxiety is looming around right now. We also want to thank you for always being such wonderful and loyal customers to Different Drummer. You all make the shop what it is and we couldn't have made it 49 years without you!

YES, you read that right. We are just a few weeks away from our 49th birthday and annual SALE. With such an exciting date ahead of us, we also realize that your health and the health of our community is always the foremost priority.

With that in mind, we will definitely have a 49% off one item sale, $5 grab bags, $3 cards grab bags, clearance and 25% off for a whole week! However we are postponing the SALEBRATION until May 1. We are doing this because as you know we are following guidelines, protocols and of course, our hearts. We will also send friendly reminders of this change in date.

We look forward look forward to celebrating with you!

As always, we are available with any questions or concerns and inquiries you have until our BIG ANNIVERSARY SALE.

We are open regular business hours 10-5 daily 12-5 on Sundays for all of your regular card and gift purchases.

With warmth and peace, thank you for your understanding and patience,

All of us here at Different Drummer in beautiful Wickford, Rhode Island

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