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The Thief of Always

Here we are in the midst of this crazy year, and I am trying to avoid cliches. I was looking through all of our social media posts and felt nostalgia for all of years celebrating holidays and special occasions with our customers and neighbors. It tugged on my heartstrings, but mostly reminded me that we still have plenty of celebrating to do. Holidays, birthdays and blessings are maybe worth more now than ever. I would like us to celebrate while keeping reverence over this difficult year. I think we have succeeded just by the amount of birthday, friendship, anniversary, get well and sympathy cards we seen pass over the counter since we reopened in May.

It's October, and it's time for some holiday fun. For the first time in..........maybe forever, we have three holidays out in the shop at once! Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are dominating our little space as we try to navigate our way through the next couple of months. We have an amazing new collection of ornaments on our beautiful tree. Advent calendars to count the days and boxed cards to send friends and family. We are being mindful of our customer limit maximum during this time of year. Because of this, we have EVERYTHING out! We encourage everyone to get out early and do their holiday shopping.

We are open daily, and will be happy to make arrangements for you and 5 friends to come after hours if that works for you. Our shop maximum is 6. Please let us know how we can work with you and we thank you for your patience, this is all new!

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