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Different Drummer Ushers in the Dog Days of Summer

Summer isn't over yet! We still have plenty of laid back summer days and nights to go. The farmers market is in full swing every Thursday from 1-5pm at the Town Dock by the anchor- last week there were even peaches! We are working on a couple of special markets....(like maybe a PB&J, pack your lunch, back to school event) Be on the look-out for this towards the end of the month!


Harbor Lights, Friday, August 4, 2017

Family friendly evening! The village hosts various artists the night of event: in Updike Park, by the anchor near the water, and at many shop locations. Shops and restaurants are open late with many special events and offers, but the real highlight of the night is the wonderful community feeling these events create! The Harbor lights are "lit" before sun-down and are absolutly stunning come dark. August's event will feature 12 more installations to fill the harbor with glowing light!!! Different Drummer will be open until 9pm, so come say hi!


Perseid Meteor Showers, now-August 13th

.Where do you view the Perseid Meteor showers every year? My love for the night sky comes from a childhood's friend's mother, and I look forward to this event every summer. Wickford Town Beach is a great place to bring a blanket and view this spectacular natural event.

Make sure to keep an eye our for Sirius, the Dog Star, whose presence overhead this time of year is why we call it 'The Dog Days of Summer!' The ancient Romans even accredited this constellation with the summer temperatures, believing that Sirius gave off extra heat. #themoreyouknow


Ask the Artist

Karen Donleavy is a potter living in Idaho. We have carried her work since the early 80's when she began doing trade shows, and we began carrying her collection of dessert plates that featured simple black and white paintings of all different animals. Since then, she really hit her stride painting stylized dog breeds on coffee mugs. They have been a staple at the shop for well over a decade and we don't see that fading any time soon! She will also do custom work for anyone with a photo of their beloved dog or cat on any table top piece.

What is your background in your field?

I started Pottery at the equivalent of high-school in England . I then went on to study it in Ireland at the Art School in Dublin, then in London. I moved to Los Angeles after school and started my business.

What the favorite part of your work?

Hearing all the stories people have about my work and what it has meant to them is always interesting and fun. As far as making it I have no special favorite part of the process.

Alive or dead, who is someone who inspires you creatively?

I was inspired by a friend in School, who became an artist in Scotland named Rosemary Turnbull . We spent many hours in the pottery studio together.

What superpower would you want and why?

I would love to be able to travel all over the world and see different things but leave my body behind in the comfort of home.


From dogs to dogfish it's that time of year again!

August 27, 2017

The New England Quahog Festival and Sea Creature Parade

This family event starts with a parade and ends with a party! The parade starts at the town wharf at the end of Main Street and goes to the Town Beach at 1 Beach Street. There will be food, games, music and of course, a beer tent! Last year was super fun and we at the Drummer love a good costume contest!!! For more information visit:

some pictures from the 2016 Quahog Festival and Sea Creature Parade

Different Drummer is a dog friendly shop in a dog friendly town. Savor these last few weeks of summer and remember to start each day with a wagging tail!

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