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Mother May I?

Iamtra stacking bracelets

Our building, The Avis Block, has been under renovation for some time now. We are happy to announce that the lift out front is finally gone-painting has started and we are eagerly awaiting the final product. Despite this, we are here, doing our Different Drummer thing and spring has definitely sprung as usual. May is the time of year that lots of new products show up on our shelves. We have so many new and wonderful things in the shop right now, its hard to know where to begin. We have an awesome selection of Lake Champlain Chocolates. It's like a form of torture to sit next to them. There is new Mona B, and loose leaf teas for a relaxing moment at home. (do you ever have those? it's on my bucket list ;) ). New funky rings, earcuffs, pendants and traditional lockets are featured in our jewelry cases. And PAPER! we have a beautiful selection of handmade papers from India, gorgeous poster worthy wrapping paper sheets and course, Mother's Day cards!


Ask the Artist

Jennifer Neuguth of Iamtra

Innovative, nurturing, and principled, the founder of Iamtra, Jennifer, is also a local mother who is inspired by women and the desire to enhance herself through body, mind and spirit. It seems fitting to have a local mom be the highlighted artist this month. Jennifer hires local mothers to help with the jewelry making and modeling for her catalog. Yes, catalog! Iamtra has grown into a substantial line of products ranging from mugs, and tea to candles, jewelry and socks! Having known of Jennifer for years, first through her fabulous shops Oop! in Providence and then through Festival Fete, Different Drummer welcomed the chance to bring Jennifer's inspiration into our space. The genesis of Iamtra started with a change to want to live a more healthy lifestyle. Drink more water. Jennifer found writing her intentions on her water bottle helped her stay focused on her goal throughout the day. Her daily mantras have been used by many to stay present, focused and positive.

What is your background in your field?

I was a retailer for 25 years then an Art Festival producer. I think I have always been a creative thinker not so much a maker of art. My background in retail has lead me to this path of making product. My journey towards my own personal health has lead me to Iamtra!

What the favorite part of your work?

Creating new products.

Alive or dead, who is someone who inspires you creatively?

All the great women that have come before me..Frida to Eleanor to Amelia to Gloria etc

What superpower would you want and why?

I would LOVE the superpower to make everyone feel supported, loved, powerful and complete with full bellies and a happy home!!

Why? What else do we need?


Harbor Lights this Friday night! We'll be open until 9pm. Hope to see you there!


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