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Different Drummer Birthday Coupons!

Hey Guys! After many months and much discussion, we are finally launching our new Birthday Coupons!

Here's the deal:

~Birthday coupons will be distributed ONLY by email, so you must be a current member* of our email list!

~You also must have provided us with your month of birth** when you signed up for the email list.

~No Printer Required! Can you pull up your coupon on your phone? Fantastic! As long as we can see the coupon and the email address it was sent to, you can use your coupon!

**If you are already a member of our list, but do not think we have your birthday month, use the contact form on our 'Contact' page to let Noelle know which list to put you on!

*Not a member? Use the subscribe form on our 'Contact' page and get that fixed right now!

Coupons will be eligible only for the month issued, and only for the email address they are mailed to. You must be able to verify the email address it was sent to in order to use your coupon.

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