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     Here at Different Drummer, we take great pride in our collection of pottery, which reflects the work of fine artists from across the country.   No two pieces are ever completely similar, since every piece is hand thrown and painted.  For this reason, we only offer specific pieces online. For our broader range of pieces, if there is a collection that interests you, please contact us with the type of piece you are looking for. We will happily photograph what we have available and work with you via phone or e-mail to find the perfect piece for you.




We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Butterfield Pottery

   Made by Davin and Susan Butterfield in Ulster Park, New York, of porcelain and stoneware, we first came across this gorgeous pottery when Noelle and I were in Philadelphia at a trade show. It was featured prominently at the end of an aisle, but we barely dared look at it- it was stunning! The seductive blue finally grabbed us, and we had to stop pretending not to see it. 

   Not only is this tableware gorgeous, but Susan and Davin are delightful, and since our first delivery it has been a huge favorite among our customers.

   Gas reduction, botanical inspired brush work over glaze.  Food safe.

Butterfield Pottery

   Made in Florida by Hil-Dee and Patrick Bates, these just scream 'Different Drummer'! Our most popular mugs, they are large enough for anyone who wants a big mug, but not so big that your coffee gets cold. Each mug is totally unique, so if you see one you love, grab it fast!

     Tony Holman designs, throws and glazes this beautiful and functional line of pottery from his home in Texas, along with his wife Debbie and their daughter Maggie.  All glazes are lead free and are oven/dishwasher safe.

Tom Homann

     Based in Vermont, Tom Homann has been working full time as a potter since 1984.  He formulates glazes using found natural materials to achieve the colors and textures he prizes in his pottery.

All pieces are stoneware, lead free and food safe.

Karen Donleavy

Born in London, and now based in Idaho, Karen Donleavy studied widely before turning to ceramics to portray her great love of animals. Her menagerie includes over 100 designs.  We focus on her popular mugs which are a wonderful way to pay tribute to the furry friends in our lives.

Mugs are 16oz, high-fired porcelain.  Contact us to inquire about currently available breeds, or to arrange a special order.


More pottery coming soon!

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