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A November to Remember

There is a lot happening this month! All of our Christmas merchandise is out, so for any of you who are early holiday shoppers, we are ready for you. Not only that but we have an exciting new event coming up This Sunday, November 5th! Different Drummer (as well as many other Wickford shops) will be open at 7am! That's right, 7am! for a fun Holiday Preview, Early Bird Special sale!

7am-9am 30% off Storewide*

9am-11am 20% off Storewide*

11am-12pm 10% off Storewide*

Sunday November 5th only!

This should be tons of fun, and feel free to come dressed in your pj"s. We'll have coffee and donuts and as usual lots and lots of laughs!

*excludes single greeting cards, layaways and special orders


Ask the Artist:

Donya O'Brien of Metal Monk

Donya's work has been a staple at the Drummer since the early 2000's. A North Kingstown High School graduate-we are quick to boast about this successful "local" woman. I often find myself visiting, for perhaps a little too long, around her beautifully arranged booth at the buying markets, touching base about family and mutual friends and life back in Wickford. Metal Monk jewelry is one of those lines that customers collect and can't wait to see when new pieces arrive after our visits to the New York Gift Show.....(NYNow for those of you in the know) I see no signs of this line of jewels ever slowing down, and I am pleased to let you all know a little more about this vibrant designer!

What is your background in your field?

In 10th grade- faced with having to figure out how to finance college- I participated in Miss Rhode Island National Teenager pageant and won the talent & speech competition and "participant most interested in business" . It was cringey but I won a 2 year full scholarship to Johnson & Wales for advertising & marketing. At the time I hated the school- but now know its invaluable having taken law, accounting, marketing- very practical. After I kinda "paid my dues" I applied & got into RISD. After my time at RISD I designed in NYC for a Robert Rose and did very well there. I became the youngest designer to do the nationally distributed Robert Rose signature collection at 24. I developed the Y necklace trend, it was costume jewelry. I began Metal Monk after getting married so I could have a family, a flexible schedule, and still contribute to the pot. Fortunately I was resilient- as I became the primary breadwinner. Even though my marriage didn't survive, my business did and Metal Monk has supported me and my children for nearly 20 years! Cant believe it. Its been hard- I've almost lost it all after the recession- but I'm still here. being a single mom, business owner- its a hustle. As I see many people in our industry (designers) getting downsized to hire younger designers for less pay- I'm grateful to have my own business.

What the favorite part of your work?

Developing a new style is always fun- working out the kinks- getting it dialed. Its so satisfying once you step back and get that- ahh thats it moment creatively. Also- the feedback I get from our customers - how much they enjoy the pieces- its so wonderful. My affirmations group have really expanded that- the stories people share with me, how the little affirmation helped. I'm truly blessed to be able to do what I do.

Alive or dead, who is someone who inspires you creatively?

Gotta give it up Frida Kahlo. I had always loved her work- but I was truly blown away by the movie Directed by Julie Taymor about her. The art direction was incredible. It really ignited my passion for Frida's work- the vibrant colors, floral motifs- her passion, strength & creativity. I ate it up with a spoon and my "Frida" collection was born.

What superpower would you want and why?

hmmm......maybe temporarily cloning myself so I can get more done. ;)

(wouldn't we all Donya....wouldnt we all?)


Uno de 50 Trunk Show

Friday, November 17


Discover the world of UNO de 50's inspirational collection of jewelry and accessories made in Spain for women and men. Come see the fabulous Holiday Collection! Receive a $25 gift certificate for every $125 you spend and tons of specials as well! Shop for yourself or as a gift, Uno de 50 makes a statement and will soon become some of your favorite pieces in your jewelry box.


And last, but not least, Wickford Village's Festival of Lights!

November 30-December 3

Start a Christmas tradition right here!


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