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September's still summer!!

As we wind down our summer vacations, we shouldn't forget that some of the nicest days of summer are still waiting to happen. I once heard someone say that Rhode Island's best kept secret was to be here after Labor Day. We jump right in this month with our last

Harbor Lights of the year on September 1. We'll be open late, until 9pm! I hear that the food truck Buddha Belly will be making an appearance, for all of you who have been waiting for more food! This lovely summer event has brought us fantastic music, a way to celebrate our beautiful waterfront, and lots of laughs with all of our customers. They have truly been Harbor De-Lights.


Ask the Artist

We continue our series with Ben Gaboury of Scrimshaw Pottery. Ben's work is relatively new to the Drummer, this is only our second year it has donned our shelves-but it was an immediate success with all of our customers, locals and tourists alike. These pots are hand thrown on a wheel and each hand decorated, so no two pieces are the same. With details like an anchor tucked under a handle of a mug, tiny sea gulls flying in the sky or whale's flukes rising above the waterline, each piece tells a story. Without further ado, let me introduce Ben Gabboury.

What is your background in your field?

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I now reside in Taunton as an artist. After taking a couple ceramic classes in high school I fell in love with clay. I attended Maine College of Art in Portland Maine where I received a BFA in ceramics. It was there that I was graced with great professors to learn from, help fine tune my skills and refine my attention to detail. In 2009 I graduated and started working In Newport, RI for a ceramic studio/gallery. I started in production pottery, and became a studio manager. In 2011,unfortunately the studio closed it's doors and I found myself getting a new job at Plymouth Plantation where I make historic 17th century english reproduction pottery. For the last six years I have worked there part time whilst building my own brand line of pottery. In that six years I also worked for Three Wheel Studio in Providence as a production potter. I am pleased to announce that I currently work full time solely with my own pottery.

What the favorite part of your work?

I like the whole process of pottery production. Actually, there isn't a favorite part because it's a creative process through each piece of pottery. I need the variety of doing every step to keep myself happy and interested. From designing, to the starting each piece, to working on the wheel, the drawing, glazing...I need to do all of it. The entire creative process.

Alive or dead, who is someone who inspires you creatively?

I cannot choose one particular artist, per say, but there are artists that I admire. For obvious reasons, the sailors of the 18th and 19th century who were making scrimshaw on bone certainly influence my drawings. Really though, what keeps me going now, as an artist, is the people; my customers; the "market". Im really interested to see what people are most drawn to. I find my work consistently growing based on what I think people will like. I used to make art for myself, now I make art for myself and others. This creates more motivation for me.

What superpower would you want and why?

My superpower would be to gain and retain all information from any book, instantly, by just touching it.

After filling out the questionnaire, Ben asked if I wanted him to expand on his super power answer. I thought about it, but thought the answer perfect as it was.


In honor of the New England Quahog Festival, The Different Drummer, Beauty and the Bath and JW Graham did something we have never done before-collaborated on our windows. As many of you know, we enjoy decorating our windows to celebrate all the seasons in the Village, and this was no different-with a twist. We decided to recreate the story of the Rainbow Fish using our own styes and interpretation. The book starts at Different Drummer, moves over to Beauty and the Bath and then heads down Brown Street to JW Graham. Lori Lyons, Julie Beebe and myself have been great friends for years. This project was not only fitting for the book's theme of friendship, but allowed the three of share our creative ideas and show off our strengths. This was very fun and I hope that we consider doing it again in the future.

Oh and in case you missed it......Different Drummer won for the second year in a row Most Creative Group costume! We have never given up the chance to collect another ribbon!!!!

We had a fabulous Manta Ray costume designed and executed by our own Noelle. I am always proud to be with my Drummer family, and as a bonus, it is always so much fun!

photo credit to my friend and neighbor James Gentner.

We had a beautiful day for the parade, the Extraordinary Rendition Band right behind us and big crowds lining the streets.

Many thanks to all of those hard working people who put this parade and festival together! It's hard work, but they did it! Again!


And now what?

What's Happening is that sewer construction will begin soon and we're sure the roads will be confusing at first. Construction will begin on Phillips Street September 5 with alternating traffic. They will be out of there by the 5pm, so your commute home and a quick stop into the shops will be unfettered! Please do not hesitate to call us and check on what's going out out there. We are going to try our best to stay open during this work and will keep you up-to-date on any major traffic closings or parking impediments.


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