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IAmLinear Pottery - Mug

IAmLinear Pottery - Mug


Amelia Smith had written a snarky little bit about her own work, but I (Noelle) currenly have the wheel to the website, so there.

Brilliantly creative, and endlessly imaginative, Amelia, our very own manager of Different Drummer, began taking pottery classes in November of 2018.  Abandoning the wheel soon thereafter, she began making slab ikebana using the hosta leaves that grow in abundance in her front yard. When their supply dried up for the year, she turned to making mugs, most of which she has kept for herself. However, she liked these enough to release them to the shop. In (some of) her words "I hope one day to produce consistent, beautiful, functional pottery. For now... here are two mugs." 4.75"

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