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Horribles Parade!

October 25th brought a flood of small witches, wizards, jedis, princesses, and more to the village as Wickford celebrated the second weekend of Wicked Week & 1/2! After the Horribles parade, merchants got to enjoy the costumes up close as trick-or-treaters went store to store in pursuit of candy. Susan was on hand to take pictures, and here are just some of our favorites!

Check our our Facebook page for more images of the parade, and this week (October 27-31st) enjoy 50% off all Halloween decorations!

And from all of us at Different Drummer, JOLLY HALLOWEEN!!!


Rapunzel AND Pascal, straight out of Tangled!

Julie from J.W. Graham/Yes! Gallery was making the rounds with Clover, Dune, and friends!

A rare glimpse of the mythical unicorn.

Any blocked chimneys? Bert is here to help!

Busting into the candy early? Can't blame you Mr. Skeleton.

Possibly the sweetest witch I've ever seen.

This vet might win be my personal favorite for most creative; she used a little pet carrier as her candy bag!!

Got the goods- time to go!

This awesome R2-D2 made his own costume! The force is strong with this one.

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