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Uno de 50 comes to Different Drummer!

Different Drummer is excited and proud to welcome Uno de 50 to our family of jewelry lines!

Uno de 50 is a brand which is dreamed, designed and produced in Spain, with an emphasis on style and excitement. Their wide ranging collection combines silver plated metal alloys with leather, resin, and stone to create breathtaking pieces.

Uno de 50 takes its name from the company's original production idea; to create and produce only 50 of each design, so that each piece was "One of 50." Due to their increased success and production, they now create many more than 50 of most designs, but kept the name to remember the importance of creating an exclusive product.

Susan and Amelia took great time and care selecting a wonderful variety of pieces that display the range of Uno de 50's designs, and we look forward to carrying more in the future, both in the shop and here in our webstore.

All of us at the Drummer are having a great time trying on all the different pieces we've selected; come on in and play with us!

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