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Ken Martin Pottery - Standard Mug

Ken Martin Pottery - Standard Mug


I have a long relationship with Ken and his wife Gail (who makes our origami earrings!).  I first met Ken and Gail at the most amazing farmers market in Waitsfield, Vermont.  I wanted to buy Ken’s pottery for the shop, but he was reluctant to sell to me.  I bought earrings from Gail year after year, but year after year I would also go to VT and beg, tease, and beg some to buy Ken’s pots.  One year, I finally just said, “why won’t you sell to me?” And Ken said, “I don’t want to ship it”. “Well, why don’t I take it right now?!?” 

I have visited their lovely home in Bristol, and at least once a year drive up to collect his wares… and Gail’s.  I adore this couple and cannot wait for them to come visit me someday.  Standard mugs vary between approx 3.75-4"

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