Time of Your Life DVDGiftCards

It's a card...it's a DVD...it's a DVDGiftCard! A unique card and gift in one package that may be the one card you wind up buying for yourself...

Each deluxe, mailable, dual fold greeting card includes a full length DVD program which features a retrospective look at original and rare footage gathered from the vaults of some of the world’s leading news organizations.

Take a trip back in time and discover your history as you experience the lifestyle, the personalities and the news stories that changed the World.

The average running time of The Time Of Your Life DVD collection is approximately 60 minutes.

Years range from 1929 up through 1989 - something for everyone. Pick one for your little sister and one for your great-grandfather. Remember when...?

*All DVDGiftCards have shipping costs of $2.00 built into the price.

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